Massage Therapy



Sports/Soft Tissue Massage Therapist

Jayne is a qualified Sports Massage Therapist. She has a range of techniques to help ease your aches, pains and improve overall well-being.


One of Jayne's career highlights was working at Wales Strongest Woman offering pre, intra and post event massage to the participants. 

Massage therapy is good for anybody looking to reduce muscle pain and tightness in their body. It is designed to reduce stress and alleviate tension to help people out of pain using a very hands on approach.

It is great for relaxation and to enhance performance inside and outside the sporting community. We often see that massage therapy works great in between chiropractic treatments and can help to reduce stress & injuries to your body. 


Jayne has a broad range of massage skills coupled with a warm personality - She is able to create a calming environment to help patients focus on relaxing, boost their energy, and the sense-of wellbeing.

Henry BDC Massage Altrincham


Sports/Soft Tissue

Massage Therapist

Moving and challenging the body has been Henry's goal throughout life and he truly believes that it benefits us in more ways than we currently understand.

Regardless of the individual’s goal, it is important to maintain the body along the rocky road. Whether this means strengthening and building weak/inactive muscle tissue through specific exercises and functional movements, or mobilising stiff, achy joints through deep tissue massage and mobilisation techniques.

We are incredibly unique and Henry enjoys helping that unique individual push through barriers and ultimately strengthen themselves, whether competitively, through hobbies, general health or everyday tasks such as climbing the stairs.

23, 40, 85, whatever gender, we all move to live, but to truly get the most from life, we should live to move in any way possible. Henry believes this to be imperative.